Chip Durpo Sky Valley Advocate

Chip Durpo, Former
Sky Valley City Council Member

It was an honor to serve as a counselor for the city of Sky Valley and being a advocate for all taxpayers. 

My 35 years of multi-industry entrepreneurial experience offers a new perspective for Sky Valley. I believe the challenges of Sky Valley can be converted into incredible opportunities for our community with the right leadership. My experiences in real estate, residential and commercial development, and marketing combined with an engaged City Council can make Sky Valley an active city.

Chip’s Vision for Sky Valley 

As an entrepreneurial visionary I see Sky Valley as an unfinished canvas, begging its leaders to advance the longstanding need to revitalize our community, to strengthen and build our economic base is a must. We as a City, along with this hard working City Council, should produce a comprehensive land plan and vision for Sky Valley. Goals can only be achieved by first producing a full plan, then we must work the plan to achieve the goals.

Marketing Needs of Sky Valley

Sky Valley’s marketing efforts should be re-directed to exposing the full vision of Sky Valley, inspiring interest by a top brand name hotel, and a small shopping center to complete the basic infrastructure Sky Valley desperately needs. With strong leadership developing plans, selling the vision and meeting the goals of our community “Sky Valley” will flourish!! Our property values will sky rocket, and Sky Valley will become one of, if not, “The most highly coveted City” in Georgia and Western North Carolina for both tourism and those wanting to live in Georgia’s Premier City, Sky Valley, Georgia.

I have the vision, will, energy, and desire to help guide Sky Valley to prosper. Ultimately, it requires a united Sky Valley working together, and never accepting “It Can’t be Done”! No one has ever been successful while believing their goals are unattainable. As for Sky Valley, the Sky is the limit!

Chip Durpo

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