At the rate the Feral Pigs are invading Sky Valley, this is what SV might look like.

Pigs Destroy Southeast Shoulder of Alex Mtn. Dr.
Video May 9, 2018

Pigs Move onto Both Sides of North Alex Mtn. Dr
Video Shot June 2, 2018

Caught in the act, Feral Pig Tears up my new pine straw,
6:45 AM June 2, 2018

Feral hogs (also called wild hogs; Sus scrofa) are characterized by high reproductive potential, with a young age at puberty, large litters, and frequent breeding. 

Female feral hogs can reach sexual maturity as young as 3-4 months of age; however, most wild sows reach puberty by the time they are one year old.  Females of this species are polyestrous, being able to come into estrus every 18-24 days if they are not successfully bred.  The ovulation rate typically averages 7-8 shed ova but can range from 3-15. 

The feral hog’s gestation period averages 112-120 days and can vary from 100-140 days. (This equates to as many as 3 litters per year) 

 The newborn or neonatal litters in feral hogs average 4-6 piglets and (but) can range from 1-12.  Similar to the newborn litter size, the number of lactating teats per sow averages 4-6 and varies from 1-12.  As such, the number of lactating teats is highly correlated with the number of piglets in the sow’s litter.(Source)


Our Pet Owning Citizens who must take their pet(s) outside are in danger of a confrontation.

I recommend we obtain the necessary wavers, city, state, and DNR to take care of this issue QUICKLY!!!

Sky Valley Officer, David Edwards, has been observing  this issue intensify over the past couple of years. Citizen Milt Gillespie had two hogs trapped last year weighing in at approx. 300 LBS after noticing they were in danger while walking their dog.

Officer Edwards has provided us with the the following documents.

SV Ordinance 87-10
SV Ordinace 96-20 Dischargew of Firearms
Gainesville Times
The Epidemic
Reproduction and Termination
Willow Fork Country Club Damage
Golf Course Hog Damage
Wild Boar Digs Up Greens
Chattahoochee Nation Forest See Page 2
GA Hunting Regulations See Page 6
OCGA 16-11-103 Discharge of Gun Near a Highway