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Rabun County SPLOST Agreement Likely

Rabun County SPLOST Likely to Receive Council Approval This week the cities in Rabun County will vote to approve, or disapprove, the current proposed SPLOST Agreement  CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE PROPOSED AGREEMENT It’s great reading, especially for those who inspire to sit on the Sky Valley City Council one day. Being a sideline council member

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‘Mimosa Mandate’ Is Law: Georgia Governor Signs SB17

‘Mimosa Mandate’ Is Now Law: Georgia Governor Signs Sunday Brunch Bill SB17 Sipping mimosas on Sundays starting at 11 a.m. now in the hands of Georgia voters! You’ll notice on the ballot this year is the option to vote to approve SB-17, also known as the Brunch Bill. This will allow the Sky Valley Country

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Feral Pigs Invade Sky Valley

At the rate the Feral Pigs are invading Sky Valley, this is what SV might look like. Pigs Destroy Southeast Shoulder of Alex Mtn. Dr. Video May 9, 2018 Pigs Move onto Both Sides of North Alex Mtn. Dr Video Shot June 2, 2018 Caught in the act, Feral Pig Tears up my new pine

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Bob Fink Sets the Record Straight, I Commend You Bob!

Commissioner Bob Fink I Commend you for your Honesty! Attached you will find an article from the March 29, 2018 Clayton Tribune. I commend County Commissioner Bob Fink for his honesty by indicating the five Rabun County Commissioners sought to punish the five-member city Council Members of Clayton using SPLOST Funds. (Keep in mind, I don’t

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Service Delivery Strategy – SDS Memo

Service Delivery Strategy – SDS Memo For those of you who wish to understand how SDS (Georgia’s Service Delivery Strategy) and double taxation, and how SDS  helps to rectify the ongoing double taxation in Rabun County, By not having an SDS agreement, Rabun County and the cities within Rabun County have lost their qualified governmental status. 

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Hotel/Motel Tax and The City of Sky Valley

Hotel/Motel Tax and The City of Sky Valley Since the City of Sky Valley, to date, has not created its own development authority, Sky Valley is required by law to contribute 40% (nearly $7,000 last year) of its hotel/motel tax to the Rabun Tourism Development Authority. As Teka Earnhardt pointed out in the Clayton Tribune,

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